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    A friend’s birthday is coming up, and I’m planning to give her a few bottles of wine (maybe two or three) and package it inside a nice gift box.

    There’re so many options and I’m not sure which wine to buy for gift… What wines should I get her and where do I buy the box?



    A wine box would make an excellent gift! I have done this myself and I think it looks so classy and impressive.

    Do you have an approximate budget?



    Not really, but I don’t want to spend too much!



    You don’t need to get something too expensive, but that’s up to you of course…

    My advice? You could go to the wine store and ask them for advice on what wines to give as a gift. Make sure there are others in the store. Sometimes, with just one person there, they may not really know.



    BTW, where did you buy your gift box?



    I got my wine gift box from Ekan Concepts a while ago.

    When I visited their website, I noticed they had some really nice boxes, even for other gifts like chocolate. 😊



    Which wine to buy for a gift? It really depends on what the occasion is. Some wines go better with certain foods, for example. If you know the recipient’s favourite wine, that’s even better!



    A good white wine to give as a gift is Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay. You can package it in a nice gift box. These are quite durable. It really gives a touch of class. Presentation my friend.

    You could also place several bottles in one gift box and have it delivered or just take it yourself. There’s a good South African wine called Indaba Chenin Blanc. It’s not bad for such a good price. It has a hint of tropical fruit, pear and honey.



    I’m going to suggest a red wine to give as a gift, even though it’s pretty strong. It has an alcohol content of 20 percent!

    If your friend can handle it, try giving her the Niepoort Ruby Red. This Portuguese fortified wine is dark and fruity. It is more a sipping wine, not one that should be hurried. Drink it anytime, but it really goes well with soft cheeses.

    Another one I like is a Spanish wine called Dry Sack Sherry. Perfect sweetness to this Amontillado sherry. It has a medium amber-orange colour. This one is great with nutty pies or cakes. It has an aroma of walnuts and butter almond. It is something that is offered with desserts.



    Here’s one with a funny name; Yé-Yé Monastrell. It is a little strong, so go easy. It’s a Spanish wine. It has herbal and spice flavours. I think this will make a good gift.



    Fun fact! The term “yé-yé” actually originated in the 1960s. It was actually a style of music that came out around the early 60s in Southern Europe. At the time, The Beatles were making world headlines and sang a lot with “yeah yeah” in their lyrics. This is partly why the term “yé-yé” came about.



    My favourite, which I recommend as a gift, is Markham Merlot. I think coffee lovers will like this. It tastes a little like an espresso, with a hint of vanilla and spice.

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