What are some popular red wines that everyone likes?

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    I’m not an experienced wine drinker but I’m open to trying any wine. What are some popular red wines? Nothing too expensive though!


    Miss Venus

    I’d have to say Cabernet Sauvignon. It is probably one of the most popular and recognized wines in the world. There are ones that are pricey and ones that are more up your street.

    This red wine grape variety has to be the most popular, or at least one of the most popular in the world. Just about every major wine-producing country will make this.

    This wine has a deep colour. The really good ones can be kept in a cellar and they will age really well. Then you can open it and enjoy it on a special occasion. But I guess you’re not into that, because those may be more expensive. But I think you can still do the same with a cheaper one.



    Merlot, my friend. That is a popular red wine. Merlot features softer tannins unlike Cabernet Sauvignon. Even when young, they have fuller flavours. Merlot is probably one of the most approachable, affordable and drinkable of the red wines.



    Me too! I’m a Merlot man myself. I get my supply from Wine Online delivered to me. The choice is greater unlike when you go to a store, especially the smaller ones.

    When I order Merlot, I can take my time and read about it on their website. I can try different things. If you want to know more, you can check them out. They have loads of information about wine.



    Another vote for Merlin here. Merlot is great because it is successfully grown all over the world. Very popular wine, that’s for sure.


    Tragic Clown

    I see others have mentioned the ones I was going to suggest. OK, well, I’d say Pinot Noir is also a popular red wine. Maybe not as popular as a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, but popular nonetheless.

    The name is actually derived from French from the cluster of grapes, because it looks like a pine and is kind of black (pin and noir). The grape has a thin skin. The wine goes well with many dishes which may play a part in its popularity. Chicken, lamb, pork loin, roasted duck, smoked meats, goat cheese, mushrooms…man, I’m getting hungry now!



    Zinfandel is generally grown in Southern Italy and California. These are rich, dark and deep red wines but of course, there are also other varieties. I read somewhere that Zinfandel ‘old vines’ are coveted, so be careful, as this may be quite expensive. Depending on the one you get, there may be a tinge of Eucalyptus fragrance.

    You may also notice a hint of cinnamon and cherry. You can try this wine with pizza, burgers, Thai and Mexican food.



    Shiraz or Syrah is quite popular. Apparently, if it is called Shiraz, then it is Australian. Everywhere else, it is called Syrah. It goes well with beef, tuna, mushroom, lamb and duck.

    Many countries produce this wine, including, Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, the United States, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland and of course, Australia. I think you’ll enjoy this wine.

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