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    Green Tea

    I work for a small bakery, and we’re thinking about printing out promotional bags with Brandability, and giving them to our most loyal customers. It would be a way to thank them for their loyalty, and to show them we appreciate them. It would also be a simple way to advertise our brand, because more people would see our logo and hear about us.

    But some of us have mentioned that they already have many bags at home, and they think most people have too many bags. And that giving them promotional bags was not a good idea, because there would be no way to guarantee that our clients would use our bags instead of the bags they already have.

    What do you think? Would you like to receive a quality promotional bag with your favorite bakery’s logo on it? Or would you prefer a different type of promotional item?



    By promotional bags, do you mean something like small tote bags, or large bags for people who are shopping for groceries?


    Green Tea

    It would be nice, sturdy tote bags. Perfect for carrying a lunch, or for running some errands. Brandability has different models, we have a few favorites but we’re not sure yet which one we would choose.



    I agree that people have so many of these bags that they can’t use them all… Maybe a small sports bag or a lunch bag would be more original?

    Or if you really want to go and create promotional tote bags for your customers, make sure they look so good that they will become everyone’s new favorite bags!



    I think it’s a good idea! I like tote bags, and I think you can never have enough of them! And I love receiving gifts, and that includes promotional gifts from companies I like. Even if it’s just a pen with a logo on it, it has the power to make me like the company that gave it to me even more!


    Green Tea

    That’s great. I hope many of our customers feel the same way as you do.



    Promotional bags are always a good way to raise awareness of your brand. As your customers carry their bags around each day, they will be reminded of your business, and they will expose your logo to other people.

    I think promotional bags are a better option than promotional t-shirts, because not everyone would want to wear a t-shirt with the logo of a company on it.

    Of course there are also many other promotional items that can be customized, such as pens, coffee mugs, note pads… The advice I would give you is, make sure the item you choose is something that your customers can use at their work, or as they move from one place to the other. If they only use your promotional items at home, no one else will see them, so it won’t raise awareness of your brand.


    Green Tea

    That’s good advice, thank you.



    I like tote bags, but it’s true that I already have many of them at home. If you’re not sure which item would make the best gift for your customers, why not ask them? Maybe you can ask them to answer a small survey, and give them the choice between 2 or 3 different promo items. Then you’ll know what the majority of them would like to receive, and you’ll be able to give them gifts that will make them happy.


    Green Tea

    That’s a very good idea. I’ll try to think of a way to ask them what they prefer. Thank you!

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