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    Papa Bear

    Has anyone ever bought a futon mattress? The mattress of my bed is very old, and I think it’s time to change it. I saw some nice futon mattresses in a store here in Toronto, and I’m tempted to buy one instead of buying a new regular mattress. I’m just not sure it would be a good idea… I don’t want to buy one only to realize a few weeks later that I made a mistake.



    Wait, you mean you want to buy a futon for yourself, to sleep on it every night? I mean, I do have a futon at home, and my guests say it’s comfortable, but most of the time they only stay a night or two.

    I sure wouldn’t want to sleep on that futon all the time. Why would you do that?


    Papa Bear

    The people at the store told me their futon mattresses were very comfy, and that many people chose them to replace their big bulky beds. I’d like to buy just a mattress, I’d keep my bed frame and just replace my old mattress with a futon mattress.



    Sorry, but to me, sleeping on futons is just for college students who have no money, and no room… Or for guest rooms. If I were you, I wouldn’t replace my bed with that.



    I do have a futon mattress! I put mine directly on the floor of my room. At first I had bought one for my guest room, but then I realized it was actually more comfortable than the bed I had, so I bought a second futon for myself.

    When a friend stays for the night, they always find it weird to see this futon mattress directly on the floor… But then the next morning, they tell me how comfy and nice it was!

    Plus, when there’s no one in the guest room, I can just roll it up and use the space for something else. You can’t do that with a normal bed, not even with a futon that turns into a couch, because it’ll always take up a lot of space. I love my futon mattresses!


    Papa Bear

    Sounds like a good idea! If I buy one and put it on my bed frame, I won’t be able to roll it up to save space… But I like the idea that it would surely be less heavy than a normal mattress, so if I want to move my bed in my room, it’ll be a lot easier.



    I’m sure you would enjoy sleeping on a futon mattress, as long as you buy a good one. Quality is very important when it comes to mattresses, so it’s the same for futons.

    Where did you see those futon mattresses you mentioned?


    Papa Bear

    The store is called East West Futons. You can see their futon mattresses online too.



    Ok, I’ve never been there, but I heard a lot of great things about this store.

    I think you should buy that futon mattress you want. If ever you don’t like it as much as you thought you would, you could still use it as a guest bed, and buy a new mattress. Even high quality futons are less expensive than big mattresses, so I think it’s worth trying one to see if it works for you.

    Futon mattresses generally have a more firm surface than regular mattresses, which is a good thing because many experts recommend sleeping on a firm surface instead of on a soft mattress.


    Papa Bear

    Yes, I’ve heard that too, and I generally like firm mattresses.

    But hey, that’s a good idea you gave me there! I’ll buy that futon mattress, and if ever I don’t like it I’ll keep it as a guest bed that can be rolled up and won’t take up much space! Thanks!

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