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    After a couple of bad experiences buying wine in-person, I’d like to try buying wine online instead. I’ve never done this before, but I intend to do this from now on, so it could be a long-term thing.

    I am not sure what to look for or who to buy it from. What I’m not clear about is the shipping. How does it work, when does it arrive, and will it arrive safely? Anybody here have any advice to share?



    Make sure that you will be at home to receive it. If not, try to make sure someone is at home to sign for it. I believe couriers will not give it to a neighbour.

    This means it must be signed by someone at your address. You may have to look into this more if you have a problem with this.



    Before you whip out your credit card, research the sites first. Make sure it is a legitimate and reputable site. Then you won’t have to worry.

    After that, do some research into the wine. The good thing is, you can research wine at leisure in your home. While you cannot actually taste it, you can check tasting notes.



    You can also look into press reviews on some wines. Even other wine drinkers will post reviews. In a store, you need to rely on what little knowledge you have.

    Even if you were to ask staff, the information provided may not be true or accurate. This information can vary widely. If you are lucky, you ask someone who may genuinely know.

    I buy wine online and have been doing so for over a year. I go to WineOnline after I did my research. I can save you the trouble. At least you have a place now, but do check others too if you wish.


    Miss Venus

    When you order wine online, delivery is probably one of the most important considerations. Even in delivery, there are a few things to look at.

    The retailer must be somewhat flexible. You want to know the price of delivery. You want the drivers to be courteous and professional. Obviously, you don’t want to experience breakage. Temperature is a huge factor. Heat can ruin the wine.



    If you live in a small city or outside of the main city, wine delivery is a good option. However, you need to be careful with charges. There may be some higher delivery charges in rural areas.

    You may as well take a chance if you live in such a place. Besides, online, you have a wide selection. In a store, you will be somewhat limited, even if it is a large store.



    I suggest you look at a few online places and compare. You want competitive prices. Something that is way too cheap may have some kind of catch.

    You also want to be in control as much as possible. You don’t want to make some kind of commitment and be obligated.



    My only advice, if you can afford it, is to order in large quantities. This way, you can counter a little of the delivery charges.

    Look for offers. Some of these online sites offer promotions. These promotions may include free shipping. I suggest you take advantage during these periods.

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