Is it worth the money getting a plumbing inspection?

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    Papa Bear

    I am going to buy a house and a friend suggested I get a plumbing inspection first. Is this really necessary? Should a home inspection not cover all of this?



    Let’s put it this way; it is the smart thing to do. I agree with your friend, but not everyone has a plumbing inspection. Either they just don’t know, or they are willing to take the risk. I would advise having one done. You never know.


    Chef Carter

    Actually, there may be some advantages to having a plumbing inspection. I agree; I think far too many people either skip it or aren’t aware. A home inspection is one thing, but plumbers are specialists. They can tell you much more.

    It is true that you have to pay for a plumbing inspection. While many people may think that they are forking out hundreds of thousands on the home and don’t want to pay any more, the irony is, a plumbing inspection may actually save you money.

    It can tell you much more about your home than just an ordinary home inspection, which is also important, by the way. If a plumber does find issues, this could actually give you more negotiating power and you could reduce the asking price.



    A home inspection will tell you about your plumbing, but they are not experts. Would you rather have your family doctor or a cardiac surgeon perform your triple bypass? Think of it that way. While both know their stuff, one will know a heck of a lot more than the other.

    Before I bought my home, I called Drain Rescue Plumbers to do my inspection. Thank goodness I did. There were some issues that were found and I managed to lower the asking price. I am not saying this will always be the case. But it is worth it just to give you peace of mind.



    Imagine if you bought the house and found out later that you had to do major plumbing work. You now have to fork out this money. There is nothing you can do.

    On the other hand, if you found plumbing issues, you don’t have to buy the house. If you still want it, you can negotiate so that it will offset your plumbing expenses. How many homeowners will tell you that there is a big plumbing problem? Besides, they themselves may not even know if there is a problem.


    Papa Bear

    OK, I can see your point. What’s a few dollars more, eh?



    A friend of mine went through a bit of a nightmare when she bought a home. After buying it, there were big issues with plumbing. She tried to go after the people who did the home inspection. Unfortunately, she lost out.

    In the end, she told me she had to pay several thousands to get everything sorted. Imagine buying your dream home and being forced into necessary repairs that take months to complete.

    It is one thing to choose to do renovations, it is entirely different when you have no choice. She was mad! Better safe than sorry.

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