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    My partner and I want to buy a condo. Neither one of us has any experience. We will be buying our own place for the first time.

    I want to use a real estate agent to help us out. What do I need to know when it comes to choosing one? I think choosing a good agent will make a big difference. So will using one who isn’t great at it.



    You’re right. In the long run, you can get a lot more out of using a really good real estate agent than someone with not much experience. You can’t beat experience. The important thing for you to consider is whether they do this full-time or part-time. My advice is, do not hire someone who is a part-time real estate agent.

    Make sure of two things:

    1.) They must be licensed.
    2.) They must be full-time real estate agents.

    While part-time real estate agents are alright, this is not always what they do. Part-timers may have another job, other commitments, may be difficult to get a hold of or they may not be able to give you their undivided attention.

    One company I know of that you could contact is Reza Afshar Real Estate. Whether you want to buy or sell, they are experienced in the condo market. With experience comes knowledge. They can come with you when you look at condos. Having someone experienced by your side will make a big difference.



    Try to find a realtor who specializes in condominiums.

    If you use a realtor who deals in condominiums all day long, think of how helpful this will be for you. They may be able to negotiate better deals for you, either when you buy or sell.

    There may be agents who deal in houses, office space and what not. While there’s nothing wrong in that, it’s preferable if they were an expert in one particular field. Plus, the realtor will also know some reliable people in other industries. Lawyers, mortgage lenders, plumbers, electricians and other contractors, all of whom can be really useful for you.



    During the process of finding the right real estate agent, pay attention to how they carry themselves. Do they show passion for their vocation?

    They must be knowledgeable, confident, positive and take time to listen to you. I think it is important to like the person you will work with.

    Sometimes, you just ‘don’t feel right’ about someone. In that case, don’t work with them. They should answer your questions and make you feel at ease. There should be a kind of connection, if you will.



    An important thing to ask a would-be agent is for references. If they are hesitant, then look out! They must gladly offer this.

    Make sure that you follow up with references provided. If you can speak with some of their former clients, you can get a sense of whether you are making the right choice.

    If former clients give you a glowing review, you can confidently hire them. Also, ask how long they have been working as an agent.



    Try to find out if your real estate agent have good negotiation skills. See if they have a good knowledge of neighbourhoods. Perhaps they could recommend a good one to you.

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