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    I managed to create a simple, but very nice website for my company, and now I’m wondering if I would be able to create forms as well… I don’t really know how to do this, does anyone know? Do I have to learn how to create forms on my own, or are there some templates I can use and customize? Or maybe some software that can help me create my forms?



    I’m sure you can find a way to do that online. There are tutorials for pretty much everything, so if you could create a website, I’m sure you can create forms as well.



    What kind of forms do you want, exactly? Contact forms? Or forms where you can ask questions that people can fill up, like surveys?



    No, not that… I’d like some forms that my employees can fill up when they make the inventory of what we have in stock. You know, some forms that can be filled up easily, from a mobile device, and where you can attach photos, stuff like that.

    So it’s not forms that would appear on my website, but really some work tools for my employees. Someone told me that I could just keep printing out paper forms for that, but I’m sure there’s a better way to do this… right?



    Oh, yes, of course! I guess you could call these mobile forms… And they’re a lot more convenient than using paper forms, because paper forms can easily get lost, or the info written on them can be difficult to read.

    Plus, if you want to enter the info in your digital database, you’ll have to type it down… So it’s a waste of time, because with mobile forms, the info your employees have collected can go directly into your database.



    Yes, that’s exactly what I need! I knew I shouldn’t settle for paper forms.

    But how can I create forms like that? What kind of tool can I use?



    I know there are different resources online to help you create and customize mobile forms… A friend of mine already told me about the company he used to create field service management forms, but I don’t remember how it was called. If you want, I can ask him.



    That would be very nice!

    I hope I can get it done quickly, I really need those forms at the moment.



    Ok, so I texted my friend, he said the company is ProntoForms. You should check out their website, and get in touch with them, I’m sure they could help you with those forms you need.



    Thanks a lot!



    That’s interesting… I’m wondering though, what other uses can those mobile forms have? Can they be customized for any uses?



    The forms can be used for inspections, audits, installation and maintenance tasks, incident reports, asset management, fleet management, accounting…

    I guess that any application that requires data to be captured on a mobile device, these forms can be customized to meet your needs.



    That’s very interesting… I don’t really have a clear idea right now, but my friend and I are thinking about starting a small business with a unique concept, and I think we could use mobile forms for maybe a few things…

    Well we still need to develop and clarify our concept, but I think it should be helpful! Thank you for answering my question.



    Yeah, and thank you so much for pointing me to Pronto Forms! I think they’ll make things much easier for me!

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