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    I recently secured a good job as a manager at a big retail chain. There are actually quite a number of employees that work in shifts. It’s my first time in this type of job position and I would like to know how to manage my workers effectively. What tips would you give me to become a better manager?



    Congrats on your new job position! Here are my three tips for staff management:

    1.) You must always be consistent. This is key. This is just one part in effective management. That means certain behaviours, good or bad, must be rewarded or punished in the same way.

    2.) You must treat everyone professionally and equally. It can be very easy to have personal feelings cloud your judgment and decisions.

    3.) You may like certain employees and dislike others. This is natural. One or two employees may be troublemakers. However, your personal feelings must be put aside. If not, inconsistencies on your part can be glaring.

    Hope this helps!



    Just to add to the previous post, you must be an effective communicator. If this isn’t your forte, I suggest you consider taking some course, or read material on being a great communicator. Communication and how good you are at it will more or less determine how successful and effective you will be in your managerial position.

    Also, try to be clear and accurate when communicating with staff. Remember, not everyone may be local-born. Language could be a problem. Make sure that everyone is on the same page.

    Remember, this communication may also be in the form of an email. Make sure everyone understands. If any miscommunication occurs, problems may arise.



    Everyone here brought up some great points! Here are my few tips to throw into the mix.

    Firstly, instil teamwork in everyone. Let this be one of your first goals. Speaking of goals, set goals for them so that they can achieve things together through good teamwork. You can inspire them and make them work as one unit.

    Another thing you could do also is to use technology to help with your management position. Depending on the technology, it can help you to reduce operational costs and also increase productivity. For example, companies like Synerion offers workforce management software that can make many things easier for you. You could save time with some of your own tasks, giving you more time that you could spend with employees should the need arise.

    Many things can be automated and it can help with improving many other business processes. Always find ways to be smart and manage intelligently!



    One way you could really get them on your side is to reward them publicly for good work. This can be a regular thing which can also be fun. The reward can be anything. Use your imagination. It can be verbal, it could be a small bonus or even a trophy. Can you picture this? It can be pretty effective.


    One Percent

    To be a good manager, sometimes, you need to listen. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Ask questions to gain more understanding. Be open but let them be open too. Other things you can do is to let them have some enjoyment out of the blue. You could buy them a pizza.

    Everyone can take an extra 10-minute break. You watch and see. Some of them may stay longer after closing time. In the past, they may have punched out on the dot. Now that you take care of them, they would be more willing to go that extra mile.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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