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    Has anybody here tried Park ‘N Fly? I’m going to a nearby airport this weekend and I’m thinking of using them, but I wanted to get a few other opinions online. I’d like to know if anyone else has tried this and if they would recommend it?



    Yup, I’ve used them before! A friend of mine actually recommended them to me. He travels frequently because of his job, so he always needs cheap parking near the airport. I’d trust my friend – he uses this parking lot almost on a weekly basis.

    From my own experience, their service was pretty good and I was happy with my experience. I don’t personally use it too often, but I would definitely use them again if I travel any time in the future.



    Me too! I use Park ‘N Fly all the time.

    They have several options and perks. Depending on what works for you, you can choose that option. For example, if you want to be really careful with your budget, then you can use the self-park service.

    This is a simple and fast solution for those who park at the airport. It offers a better value since you park it yourself. This saves you some money.



    Their shuttle bus service is great and really convenient. If you use their services, the 24/7 shuttle bus service is complimentary.

    There’s also a valet service where you pull in, register and then take the shuttle bus to your particular terminal.



    Personally, I’ve never used airport parking before, but only because I always get a friend or a relative to drive me and drop me off the airport.



    Obviously, the cheapest option is to have someone else drive you to the airport, but that’s not always possible for everyone. As for me, I always drive myself to the airport and use Park ‘N Fly. It’s a really good parking lot if you’re on a tight budget like me. The service is pretty good too.



    I’m someone who likes my reward points. (Well, I guess we all do on Forum Value!) Whenever I use Park N Fly, I get reward points and Aeroplan Miles.

    I’m also a member of CAA so I save 20 percent every time. I also get 3 percent CAA dollars.

    Plus, they have several newspapers which are also complimentary. I always grab the one just because they’re free. 😁



    I’ve used them on three occasions and I was happy every single time. I will definitely use them again just because I’m always guaranteed a parking spot.

    On my second time using them, I decided to use their luggage assistance. My first and third trips were simple, but for the second one, I had loads of stuff. The customer service was great and they helped me with all of my luggage. There are also automated pay stations (if I can use them, anyone can), so checking out was an absolute breeze.

    For me, I just found the whole experience cost-effective. It takes the stress away. On all three occasions, I got back and drove home with no problems.

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