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    Some of us are trying to organize a fun get together outdoors. It is going to be for everyone, so it will be for kids and adults as well.

    We are just considering some affordable party rental ideas right now. The bash will be in a few months. Can anyone please share any ideas?



    I’ll share my ideas with you only if I am invited, haha!

    I love throwing outdoor parties, to be honest. Not too long ago, I helped organize one myself. Do you have anyone in mind as far as getting this set up?



    Sure, you can come! No, no one yet. Me and some of the others have been checking around the Internet at these party rental sites, but nothing concrete yet.



    Would you mind if I made a suggestion? Try Hart Entertainment, or at least check them out. They were brilliant and we got everything we needed.

    I love golf, so I had to get a mini golf thing going. Even the kids loved it. I suppose I am a little biased, but I would suggest you go for this. It was really popular and we all had a lot of fun.

    It can feature certain parts of the game that gives it a realistic feel to it. By this, I mean it can have water and sand traps. How cool is that?



    One of the most fun things I was involved in was the dunk tank. I’m telling you, you just have to have this one! There will be lots of people screaming and laughing because it is funny as heck.

    Me being the person that I am, I would tease and laugh at those people who missed. I would also make monkey faces and tell people they had no chance to ‘get me’. Then someone was on target and – whoosh- I sank like a rock.

    It is not that difficult to have this set up. You need lots of water, of course. You had better bring extra clothes as well. It’s fun whether you end up in the water or cause someone else to do so. People watching also cheer.



    Oh, I definitely like the sound of the dunk tank! I will try to get this for sure. I hope it’s not too expensive though!



    Magic shows are always fun for the crowd. People are fascinated by magic. They try to figure out how it was done. They go away talking about it.

    Things vanish, things reappear, people are sawn in half; this is always popular stuff. It can’t miss. Just make sure you don’t volunteer. You might disappear forever! Great fun for the kids too.

    Magicians charge by the hour, so if you want to save money, just hire them for an hour or two instead of the whole day.



    You could have a booth where a person can tell your fortune. Tarot cards, crystal balls and palm readings may all be thrown into the mixture.

    Obviously, this is just for the sake of entertainment, so the fortune teller is not going to tell you death is round the corner. It will all be done in an optimistic and bright vein.

    If you want to save money, you can even do the fortune telling yourself! It’s just a bit of fun, there’s no harm!

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