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    I am looking to buy leather luggage. Since I have no experience, can you give me some good tips so that I don’t make a mistake in the store? I don’t mind spending a reasonable amount of money on something that is good quality. Where can I get something like this?



    There are many places you can go. You want to be able to identify good quality and be able to spot flaws. You also need to know what you need it for.

    If you buy something, no matter how good or durable it is, you may regret it when you realise that compartments are too small. Before you go, understand why you want it, how you will use it and things like that.

    One place I can suggest is B Hemmings & Co (formerly known as Betty Hemmings). You will probably find something to your liking there. While they have many, they are also of supreme quality and more expensive.



    That’s OK. I will check them out. Like I said, I don’t mind paying more for quality leather luggage.



    Alright then. I suggest that you write down on a piece of paper what you want from your purchase. While you are at it, also, think about brands, colours, the weight, the size and anything else you can think of.

    What kind of design features would you like? This will help you when buying it. It will also help the salesperson to help you better.



    Coming up with a list is a good idea. Think of the kind of things you are most likely to pack on a trip or vacation. If you find that your list is growing by leaps and bounds, you should get something with wheels.



    Pay close attention to the materials. You want something that is built to last but is also stylish at the same time. You will be paying a lot of money. You want it to last for many, many years.

    I suggest you research a bit more on materials so that you understand when the salesperson talks to you. This way, you could also ask some questions. Make sure to ask about the warranty of a particular item you are interested in. If anything happens, at least you may be covered.



    Find out more about the leather it is made from. What type of leather is it? Something full-grain would be ideal. Get the salesperson to tell you more about the various leather grades. Tell him or her that you want something durable as these tend to last.

    If you see something that says “genuine leather”, be careful. There’s nothing wrong, however, these are sometimes not the greatest quality.

    On the other hand, if you see something that says “top grain”, these tend to be great quality leather. This is what you want to choose.



    I never knew that! I would have taken “genuine leather” in a flash. It’s good to know the scoop!


    Miss Venus

    Check to see if all the zippers, buckles, compartments and what not are functioning properly. Look for any flaws. Also remember that cowhide tends to be the strongest, but ask what animal it is made from.

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